Aspirasi Chicken Rice

Our signature chicken rice with 30 years history, with stalls at Seah Im, Maxwell, PKMS Building, and Changi Village.

House of Cutlet

Our innovative fusion recipes haul from our House of Cutlet at Seah Im hawker centre.

Catering & Small Gatherings

Customised menus and party packages that bring the best of Aspirasi’s recipes and secret sauces straight from our Central Kitchen.

Aspirasi Wedding & Events

Traditional Malay Weddings or large scale events, host them with us at Orchid Country Club, PKMS Building, Mount Faber. Customisable packages available.

Founder’s Philosophy

Aspirasi Food Galore is the heat and soul of Mr. Zainnudin Sajat. Known affectionately by his customers and friends as Abang Din, he is the man the constant innovation and evolution of Aspirasi’s Malay Food recipes.

Abang Din’s commitment time excellence has won Aspirasi numerous Reis mentions on TV, Radio, and printed press, and won many awards and competitions by food critics and public voters alike. As a passionate chef, he is often found on Facebook and Instagram Live, sharing new recipes and innovations.

Finally Abang Din believes in giving back tot he community, through numerous donations and sponsorships to the Malay community, youths ar risk, and even tot he less privileged in the surrounding regions. He has recently been conferred the title of Datuk of Riau Indonesia for his contributions to both the Malay try and upholding Malay food culture. He is also the Bendahari of Warisan Hang Tuah Singapore.

What Makes our Menus Special ?

  • Innovative Recipes
    Innovative Recipes

    based on traditional Malay food culture.

  • Healthier Choices
    Healthier Choices

    of ingredients, preparation methods, and sauces and seasonings.

  • Award-Winning

    culinary skills over the last thirty years. We even cooked for the Istana!

  • Aspirasi Kami
    Aspirasi Kami

    Membawa Makanan Melayu kepada semua orang - our aspiration is to bring Malay Food to everyone.

  • Chicken Rice Series
    Our classic chicken rice that has filled generations of satisfied bellies! *Requested chicken par...
  • Extra Sauces
    Not enough sauce? Our various sauces available to drizzle on your food!
  • Chicken Rice Series
    Our classic chicken rice that has filled generations of satisfied bellies! *Requested chicken par...
  • Extra Sauces
    Not enough sauce? Our various sauces available to drizzle on your food!
  • Chicken Rice Set (10pax)
    Perfect for small gatherings of friends & family. All sets come on disposable trays. *Choose...
  • Special Sets (2 Pax OR 4 Pax)
    Choose from 3 Special Sets for 2 Pax OR 4 Pax.  Bawal Fish Set, Chicken Ricer Set,  Tumeric Chic...
  • Lemang
    Lemang is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined ...
  • Kacang Phool (1KG) (Frozen)
    Crowd's favourite breakfast dish! Just heat up the product, fry a sunny side up egg, chop some ch...
  • Nasi Ambeng
    Minimum order of 4 BOXES. Our classic Nasi Ambeng set comes with  Steamed Rice, Chicken Lemak Ch...
  • Sambal Belacan
    Try our spicy Sambal Belacan with hot piping rice and you'll come back for more! Available in 2 s...
  • Aspirasi Chicken Flour
    Make your own fried chicken - Aspirasi style! Just add egg or water. Available in 2 sizes - 500GM...
  • Sambal Kicap
    Our spicy sambal kicap is best to dip in your fried food and in soups for that extra kick! Availa...
  • Kenduri-Kendara Catering (50 pax)
    All sets comes on disposable trays. Choose from one of the following sets below.  Does NOT includ...
  • Catering for Small Gatherings (30pax)
    All sets come with packet drinks & on disposable trays. Choose from one of the following:  N...
  • Masak Merah Sauce
    Cooked with  spicy dried chillies, onion and tomato sauce. Just add your chicken and water. Avail...
  • Instant Dishes Pack
    All your favourite dishes in one box! Deliveries only on weekdays. (Comes in 500ML except for Sam...
  • Black Pepper Sauce
    Steeped with hot peppers, the sauce is best with fried food. Ready to eat. Available in 3 sizes -...
  • Chendol (10 Cups)
    An icy sweet dessert of pandan jelly, red beans and coconut milk, laced with palm sugar. Introduc...
  • Teh Tarik (5L)
    Our classic TEH TARIK now available in 5L! Syiok to have when having small gatherings. Packed in ...
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce
    Cooked with sugar and lime to give a tanginess and sweetness sauce. Ready to eat. Available in 3 ...
  • Sambal Sauce
    Cooked with a mixture of a variety of chili peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp pas...
  • Sambal Penyet
    This spicy, spicy sambal will give you a kick! BEst eaten with fried chicken. Ready to eat. Avail...
  • Lemon Sauce
    This citrusy, sour sauce will make you wanting more! Ready to eat. Available in 3 sizes - 250ML, ...
  • Lemak Chili Padi Sauce
    A spicy rich yellow coconut gravy that is cooked with chilli padi. Just add your chicken & wa...
  • Dipping Sauce
    Originally used for our Roti John, this Dipping Sauce is versatile and can be used for steamboat ...
  • Curry Sauce
    Aromatic, hot flavour with full of spices. Just add chicken/seafood and water. Available in 3 siz...
  • Serunding
    The surprise crowd favourite - Serunding!  Ready to eat. Available in 2 sizes - 500GM & 1KG! ...
  • Chicken Rice Sauce Pack
    All your favourite chicken rice sauces & flour to recreate our delicious crispy fried chicken...
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